A Guide For Selling Your House For Cash in San Diego

This page is about You can sell your home yourself in San Diego Ca. I suspect that you landed on this page because…

  • You have no equity or very little equity and cannot afford to pay commissions for real estate agents
  • You want to hire an agent, but you have equity and you would like to save some money.
  • If you are facing foreclosure, or on your way there, and need to sell fast without paying thousands in agent commissions
  • You don’t want your house to sit on the market for months in San Diego, so you want it to sell faster.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to selling your house in the San Diego local real estate market.

Selling your home can be profitable if you do it right. Smart marketing strategies are key, as well as realistic expectations of what you want to achieve from the sale.

You can use this article to learn how to sell your home in San Diego.

Learn how to sell your house by yourself in San Diego.

Learn about the San Diego Real Estate Market

The first and most important step is to do market research on your local area in San Diego. You can do this by visiting different websites (such as Zillow) and calling real estate agents in order to find out the value of your house. This will help you to avoid making costly mistakes when selling your home.

We won’t care if you can’t figure out the value of your home… Call us at (858) 290-1575 for an honest, fair and accurate estimate of the retail value of your home (if you need 3-6+ months to find a buyer). We will also make an all-cash offer to help you quickly sell your home.

Market Assessment

This is a similar step to market research, except you are restricted to your locality and similar houses. Are there many houses for sale in San Diego? What is the average listing price? Are there many foreclosures around you? Your house’s value could be affected.

Assessing the House

You must have your house in perfect condition before you can sell it. Make sure you highlight the best features of your home in marketing. In San Diego, a house with a parking space in the driveway may appeal to more buyers.

Are you in need of repairs for your home? Do you need to paint your home’s exterior or interior? How is your roof? What is the condition of your landscaping? The exterior and interior of your house are in good condition. You know those popcorn ceilings ;-). These features can make a house more or less attractive depending on the buyer. It will influence the price that they are willing pay.

You should now come up with an asking price that is fair for your San Diego home. You shouldn’t set it so high that you have to wait 12 months before selling it… but the price should be appealing enough to get buyers to buy it quickly.

Use Photos or Videos

San Diego buyers are big on media. Take walk-through video of your home and use it to promote the property. These videos are transparent compared to photos. It is not a good reason to choose the second option because it’s cheaper.

Take some incredible pictures. Take a picture of every room in your house. Take photos of the house from different angles. The house should be viewed before the buyer visits it. Great photos of your home online can mean the difference between a quick sale and months.

List Your House on the Local San Diego MLS to Market It

Many real estate agents will assist you in putting your house on the San Diego MLS at a low or no cost. It will help you quickly put your home on the market for all agents. You should expect to pay at least 2-3% in buyers’ broker fees, if you wish for their help in finding a purchaser.

Place signs along the roads, advertise in local papers and hold an open house.

All of this sounds like a lot to do in order to sell your San Diego home quickly.

It is possible.

San Diego house sellers believe that they will save money and time by marketing their home themselves. In reality, it costs more.

When selling your home, here are some tips to consider.

  • If you’re not a good marketer or don’t have a lot of spare time, selling your home yourself may not be the best choice.
  • Your house could be sold for 3-8 percent less if it is not properly marketed and prepared than if an experienced agent was hired to market it.
  • Most sellers do not consider holding costs, or opportunity costs. Each month that your house remains unsold means an additional mortgage payment, tax payment, utilities, taxes and insurance. If it takes your home 7 months to be sold, you can add $9.100 to your monthly mortgage payment. You can add this to your taxes and insurance. Would it be a good idea to give a discount to a buyer if you could sell your house more quickly? You can close the deal quickly and continue your life. Consider this.

You do not want to have to sell your San Diego house yourself. You can instead sell it quickly for a fair value.

San Diego Fast Cash is a real estate company that buys houses on the local market in SD County.

We would like to make you an No HASSLE deal for your home.

You can save thousands by selling your home yourself.

You don’t need to worry about anything because we also purchase local houses, do all repairs and pay for them ourselves.

Contact us today or call for your free offer: (858) 289-1575

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