Six Advantages to Selling to Real Estate Investors Instead of Traditional Agents

When it comes to selling your house, there are various options available to you. From working with an agent or trying to sell on your own to working with professional home buyers – each option offers their own set of advantages; but here we’re discussing the potential advantages of working with real estate investors as a quick way to offload unwanted or frustrating properties more quickly.

What Does an Investor Do? Let’s get right down to it – what exactly do professional home buyers or real estate investors do? Simply put, they are individuals or companies who specialize in buying homes. Unlike traditional buyers, professional buyers do not require financing or selling other properties before purchasing yours – meaning that closing can often occur faster and with less hassle than usual. Here are a few advantages associated with selling directly.

Selling Your House Quickly
If you need to sell your home quickly, professional home buyers are an ideal solution. They tend to close on homes much quicker than traditional buyers and do not require financing or selling other properties before purchasing your home – all making for an easier and faster sale process overall.

No Reparations Needed
Working with professional home buyers offers many advantages, with one being no repairs being needed on your home before selling. They will purchase it as-is to save time, money, and stress; meaning more of that cash stays in your wallet to put toward the purchase of another property!

No Commissions or Fees
Working with a San Diego real estate agent typically involves paying a commission of around 6% of the sale price, plus any marketing costs or listing fees associated with listing your home for sale. With professional home buyers such as our team however, there are no commissions or fees involved with selling your house; what we offer you will be what you receive as the final price.

Cash Offers
Professional home buyers often offer cash offers as an advantageous solution when in a financial pinch. Without needing to secure financing for their offer, there’s less chance of it falling through due to financing complications during escrow.

An Easy Closing
Working with professional home buyers in San Diego typically allows more flexibility when it comes to closing on your home sale. You can often pick the date that works best for you – which can come in particularly handy when trying to coordinate it with an event like moving or other major life changes.

Decrease Stress
Selling your home can be a difficult, time-consuming and emotional process. Working with professional home buyers can ease some of this strain as they will take over all aspects of the sale process and manage negotiations directly with potential buyers – thus saving you from headaches!

Are You Selling Your House Directly in San Diego? For an effortless house sale without repairs, commissions, or negotiations in San Diego County, calling our company could be the solution! While selling direct may not be ideal for everyone, it certainly deserves consideration if you prefer an immediate and hassle-free sale process. Give us a call or contact us today for your all cash offer!

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