What to Look for When Working With a Direct Buyer to Help You Sell Your Home

What to Look for When Working With a Direct Buyer to Help You Sell Your Home

Many sellers opt to sell their home directly to an investor for a quicker and simpler sale process. Direct buyers are usually individuals or companies who purchase homes at discounted rates to make a profit through buying low and selling high.

If you are considering working with an iBuyer to sell your property, do your research online first.

1. Customer Service

Direct buyers are individuals and companies that purchase houses at discounted rates before flipping them around for profit, often without consulting you beforehand. You may recognize them from marketing materials they send your way or from unsolicited texts and cold calls they make to you; their focus should always be on profit rather than location, neighborhood or reasons for selling the home; make sure they offer transparent communication about what house they’re purchasing while answering all questions clearly and providing resources like FAQs or tech tools to ease the selling process.

2. Experience

As many homeowners know, selling your home can be a daunting challenge – but you don’t need to do it alone! Let us help make the process smoother for you.

Direct buyers are individuals and companies who purchase homes for cash in order to turn a profit. While they don’t necessarily want your house as their own, direct buyers look for properties in desirable neighborhoods with good curb appeal that have features that increase its resale value when resold later on.

Due to being independent companies, these firms can avoid working through traditional buyer’s agents and work directly with listing agents instead. This creates a “dual agency” situation in which your own real estate agent represents both parties during this process; both must agree before beginning.

If you decide to go with a direct buyer, do your research beforehand. While most direct buyers are legitimate and provide services to their customers, there may be dishonest ones out there, advises Gulassa. Look for company websites, reviews and any evidence of solid track records; additionally consult a top real estate agent so they can connect you with legitimate direct buyers as well as negotiate offers so you’ll always have someone with your back looking out for your interests and advocating on your behalf for a successful transaction.

3. Fees

Unsolicited mail or text messages offering to buy your home as-is may have reached you recently, with various companies and individuals promising cash for it as quickly as they can close on it – something which may come in handy for homeowners looking for quick relief from unwanted properties.

Although some home sellers opt to sell directly, others may find the process too time consuming or costly. When making this decision, always consult a real estate agent in order to guide their decision-making.

But before going the direct buyer route, there are a number of factors you should keep in mind, including potential hidden fees or reduced sales prices. Furthermore, going without an agent means the seller’s agent can keep any commission you would have normally given them; this practice is known as dual agency and illegal in many states and New York City.

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4. Reputation

Elizabeth Arden once famously said, “Repetition makes reputation, and reputation makes customers.” This adage holds true when applied to business: whether an individual buyer decides to purchase from you directly, or an investment company eyeing your property, there can be numerous influences that impact their decision either positively or negatively.

Before engaging a new company, it’s always advisable to conduct extensive research first. Many reputable entities will have online profiles where you can review reviews, service history and any other details that will assist in making an informed decision.

Get references from past clients or buyers of the company you’re researching so that you can gain an accurate impression of their experience working with it. Finally, it is wise to do your best to be ethical and demonstrate integrity in everything you do – even small gestures like telling the truth, not engaging in theft and selling products you would personally purchase can build your reputation over time. As always, please feel free to contact us for your all cash, no obligation offer today.

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